More than ever, brands need to engage their audiences to generate earned media – which is the best proof of affinity between a brand and its ecosystem. We maximise this exposure through relevant data, strong ideas and precise activations.



Our team of brand reputation specialists are experts in: business strategy, digital transformation, leadership development, franchise network rollout, crisis management, and development of media/digital visibility.



The vibrant foodtech industry, chefs and influencers rising to stardom, the #foodporn and healthy-eating boom, product testing, food scandals and the increased transparency of agri-food brands are all factors we must address when assisting our clients’ emergence.



Operating at the intersection of design, fashion, new technology and better living, Lifestyle is evolving all the time. There is no doubt it’s a social lab. Our team of specialists make sense of it to deploy media and social activations that are attuned to this ultra-competitive market.



The emergence of digital mums, the specifier role of the child-as-king, the evolution in families’ consumer habits – these are just some of the challenges now facing the kids world. All in a context where the parenting press is changing fast and must deal with the mass advent of digital media, social media and influencers.


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