The dynamism of the foodtech industry, chefs turned into stars, the boom in #foodporn, product tests, food scandals, the increased transparency of agro-industry brands – many challenges and opportunities, but their codes must be understood before you can make an impression in the world of mass consumption,
fine dining and healthy eating. At a time when anyone can be a food critic, how do you control, analyse and amplify the flow of information to successfully engage with an ever more demanding active consumer?

Shine a light on Lutti, a major French confectionery player, with a quirky event that emphasises the brand’s “grain of madness” inside a creative concept store. The pop-up shop was equipped with a special 3D printer for visitors to personalise sweets.

Our solutions to create visibility in the short term

+ Impactful headline potential through delivery of personalised goody bags to a community of influencers
+ Amplification of coverage via digital PR plus social networks
+ Creative and quirky community management

In a tough context, promote the frozen range of the “Fait Comme à la Maison” brand through a comprehensive communications strategy.

Our solutions to highlight frozen food among influencers

+ Impactful brand content and an IPSOS study that blows away sector taboos
+ An event designed for influencers with a potentially viral #
+ A blue-sky collaboration with creative content that injects a new artistic direction
+ Amplify the approach via media and social networks

Extend listing of the alternative spread among national retailers and turn Rigoni di Asiago into a love brand defended by a community of militant consumers.

Our solutions for a long-term influencing strategy
+ Develop the Rigoni di Asiago community on social media
+ Take influencers behind the scenes of the manufacturing process
+ Collaborate with prestigious chefs to establish brand quality and the culinary nature of the products

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