A team of consultants with corporate and B2B expertise: enterprise strategy, business modelling, leadership development and catchment activity – all business issues that PR helps feed by relaying corporate messages in major national business publications,
such as key trade media titles. Not ignoring the personalised approach to relevant influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn, the social networks of choice for economic decision-makers.

Develop awareness of all the group’s activities in France by positioning it in Life Sciences topics in the media, reflecting its new brand tagline, “Science for a Better Life.”


Solutions implemented by M+A


+ Engage the group’s internal and external audiences around this approach;
+ Focus on securing feature articles in major business publications to give legitimacy to the group’s strategy.

Support brand repositioning in consumer and professional markets around a strategic growth driver for the company: the development of routine maintenance for all types of vehicle.


Solutions implemented by M+A :


+ Messaging & media training for the board
+ Identify talking points and sourcing creative learning tools (infographics, profiles, themed newsletters…)
+ Announcements about new services to drive catchment-area activity
+ Internal communications support

Accompany the Brand on the Vrac and Packaged market, in order to: develop its fame, build its reputation and support it in its commercial messages. Position FINAGAZ as an expert and adopt an educational speech.


Solutions implemented by M+A :


+ Identification of  KOL and extension of the circle of influence
+ Messages dedicated to support the putting in ready of new local services to lead the customer catchment +Messages dedicated the national and local media to support the Brand in its “products” communication + Speaking with the local media within the framework of DSP* (*Delegations de Services Publiques)
+ Accompagnement in sensitive cases of communication