The emergence of the digital mum, the pester power of the darling child, changing patterns of family consumption – just some of the challenges facing the world of children. And all against the backdrop of evolving parenting-media landscape, which is having to cope with significant growth in digital and social media and their tools. Gaining visibility for a brand, product or service in this environment calls for
innovative communications to link up with influencers; and for solid expertise to detect and decipher market trends and keep across the best experts (whether in paediatrics, nutrition, or childcare...). A fusion of knowledge and skills which makes this department a centre of cross-disciplinary expertise.

Position Biolane as the supermarket specialist in family hygiene by presenting it to parents as a reassuring, high-quality convenience brand.

Solution implemented by M+A

+ Digital reputation audit
+ Redesign of website to make it content-led
+ Identify talking points and generate creative and relevant tools (press kits, news flashes, promotional products, social media guidelines)
+ Multichannel announcements: media relations, blogger relations, social media and media events

Publicise the 70th anniversary of the brand and establish this news in the parenting media and more generally in women’s media.

Solution implemented by M+A

+ Establish an events-based package with managed investment that rides the wave for collector’s items, with designs for a birthday feeding bottle and a colouring book to tie into what women’s magazine journalists agree is the big current trend.

Establish Silverlit as the leader in radio control and demonstrate the value of its products to an adult target audience.

Solutions implemented by M+A

+ Increase number of TV slots (news, magazine programmes…) featuring the products and spotlighting their hi-tech functions.

+ Influencer programme